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Wholesomely Beautiful - A Poem

Flowers on white surface

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; they say, but beautiful, the adjective is many things.

Beautiful is in our acts, beliefs, and mindset of what is good and perfect.

Sometimes, we quietly admit the imperfect, the ugly, and the unseen as beautiful, but this adjective is contextually anything and everything.

But what is beautiful to me?

Beautiful is beyond perfection.

Beautiful is my brokenness; in which I find my true self.

Beautiful is the fight in me, and it is my survival through thick and thin.

Beautiful is me figuring out my journey through life as a woman, a mother, a student, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, an entrepreneur, a human.

Beautiful is me in my rawness and most vulnerable when I wake up in the morning and when I lay back on my bed after a long day.

Beautiful is bigger than singular narratives. Beautiful is beyond specific standards and body features.

Beautiful is not only happiness and light.

Beautiful is the darkness, my tears, my pains, my questions, my failures, my doubts, and my struggles.

Beautiful is the smiles and gazes of my children.

Beautiful is the quiet moments of stillness with my man.

Beautiful is families and babies.

Beautiful is friendships and road trips.

Beautiful is the clay water pot in my grandmother's kitchen.

Beautiful is the taste of Nigerian Jollof and sipping of zobo.

Beautiful is me laughing loudly with careless abandon.

Beautiful is me dancing as I tap my feet to the rhythm and swing my hips to the beats of the drum.

Beautiful is my hope, loneliness, belief and hustle.

Beautiful is my imperfect dentition, naturally receding hairline, and tiny feet.

Beautiful is the colour of my eyes, the texture, and colour of my hair.

Beautiful is the unprovoked acne, unbothered wrinkles, and unrelenting stretchmarks on my skin.

Beautiful is my blackness.

Beautiful is my non-flat tummy after 3 pregnancies, not so much the standard.

Beautiful has no limits, beyond the finite nature of human standards, as fickle as human expectations.

Beautiful is the moonlight, the stars spread across the night sky.

Beautiful is the flow of the rivers and droplets of water.

Beautiful is the blue skies, in the rain and in the sunshine.

Beautiful is existence.

Beautiful is to be human.

Beautiful is life.

I am beautiful.

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