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This is not about political correctness or PDP, APC whatever! I express my experience in my writing and I write because it directly affects me. People can choose to be docile about how they feel in this economy, that is their problem but I am not the kind of person who would just sit, endure deprivation, and defend a poor standard of living. I don’t see myself as an activist of any sort but all my life, I have been that one person who would ask for help when there is a need (you will not find me dying in silence), I do not know how to be mute in the face of injustice or just pretend about any form of discomfort, why make your life that complicated, when this life is not that hard after all.

In Africa, especially Nigeria, people have developed a thick skin to endure oppression, lack of basic amenities, and poor living conditions; they have mastered the act of enjoying the silence, hurting from the fruits of a parochial-styled leadership where people do not thrive but depreciate, a society that only limits, a system that sets her citizens up for failure, the true manifestation of hardship. When you succeed, you will have given more than you should, comprise at some point and pushed so hard, that you have very little left of your dignity, human empathy, and self-worth that is not tied to material. This is why materialism is huge; mastering the act of packaging your brand in affluence to cover what you truly have become and cover up the lack of emotion. A place of little compassion and yes, you can treat people anyhow without anyone holding you accountable, after all, you alone know how much you suffered and the unspoken weight of what you sacrificed (sometimes, shrouded in darkness and secrecy) to be a “Nigerian” success in Nigeria.

So, this is not about political correctness but the reality of my existence. As I grow older, I realize the importance of being true to what you know deep down to be true, it becomes important to lead a purposeful life that means something to you and continue to strive for your truth in life. The fact that we came into this world alone, we will die alone, suffering is personal for the most part and when making a far-reaching personal life decision, you are the sole decider, why then will anyone not want to live their truth?

That many Nigerians are biting the dust in this economy is not news the story of Jafaar Jafaar, the result as well as the drama surrounding our last election is a deep reflection of the society in which we live. That every single decision is always weighed from the emotional, religious, tribal, and sentimental points of view says a lot about why progress is a mirage. Hunger and deprivation, evidence of multi-dimensional poverty are why the elites would continue to thrive. Stomach infrastructure wins every single time.

The system of survival in Nigeria has no respect for your academic degree, background or whatever professional reputation you have, it's either you kill or get killed. We may feign motivational patriotism, religious harmony, the fake it till you make it talk and all things that only offer short-term surface value solutions; deep down there is a doggedness to survive and it all comes down to the “what am i going to eat” reality. In the darkest place of struggles and compromise, many people give in. They give in not because they are bad people or they don’t understand what morals are but when hunger, lack, deprivation, and bills stare you in the face, the masses give in. The ruling class knows this, so they use it as a weapon to rule. People forget morals, and truth when it comes to survival. Everyone has a price, in Nigeria, it is the everyday reality. Truth is rare but because truth never dies, posterity is always the best judge.

This has never been about political correctness. It is about the reality of living in Nigeria. It is why many Nigerians thrive everywhere else around the world but here in Nigeria. The determination and doggedness to win in this country are on another level. You develop the stamina to bear difficult things and this is why people would wonder why someone would quit their job here and go to a place like New York or Toronto or Berlin or London to do dishes or other menial jobs. It is the little things that matter, the systems and balances those countries offer and how much just being there alone gives you a deep sense of your existence. Life makes more meaning and even though conditions of survival are not exactly easy, a typical Nigerian who has spent the better part of their life in a city like Lagos would tell you, that the pros outweigh the cons.

I believe we deserve better as Nigerians and wanting better is not about wanting to be politically correct. I do not understand the meaning of “sufferhead” or why anyone would find something good about poverty to justify it as a form of long-suffering.

  • What is good about being stuck in a typical Lagos Traffic or driving on bad roads?

  • Constantly treating malaria because of our poor environmental conditions?

  • What is good about not having constant electricity and surviving on generators?

  • What is good about unnecessarily complicated processes with a lack of basic amenities?

People have come to accept this way of life because they have been brainwashed so much, they think life itself is this way. When you have a different opinion, they are quick to defend their suffering and lack religion, tribalism, and emotion. Some people may say I feel otherwise because I have no proximity to corridors of power but truth is, I have never had proximity to the corridors of power, it has never been a basis for my expression, but as a Nigerian, it gets worse. In the end, the masses are the ones that suffer. The political elite has nothing to lose, so if you decide to accept your condition, and endure it, it is your cup of tea. Your loss will always be their Gain.

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