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Three Vanity Actions That Improved My Life

Updated: May 22

After the Déjà vu from my choices and life-defining situations from 2023, I consciously decided to do right by myself in 2024 by God's grace - my genuine well-being and happiness were never going to be negotiated. I had already given up my social media accounts (Facebook in 2021, Twitter, and Instagram in 2023), starting afresh with a new algorithm experience (deleting social media pages is not always a big deal for me). Still, I was not quite done on my journey to re-discover myself; there were key things I needed to shed to prepare me for the life I wanted in 2024. Fair enough, I was entering the new year -2024- with the last phase of my PhD comprehensive exams, in getting my finances right and crawling out from the dark depths of depression. Yes, I was entering 2024 as a better person and in a better state of existence. My Motto was to keep every promise I made to myself.

A Black Woman with blue and white stripped dress.
My Face Screaming -Upgraded

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery often involves embracing new experiences and indulging in what brings us joy. Through my exploration, I have uncovered three transformative obsessions that have elevated my life in unexpected ways. These indulgences may seem superficial at first glance, but their impact on my well-being has been profound. Let me share with you these precious revelations that have enriched my life beyond measure.

  • Shopping Therapy: Redefining My Wardrobe

The act of revamping my wardrobe proved to be more than just a superficial makeover; it was a catalyst for profound personal growth. Embracing a new style and committing to dressing up on weekdays wasn't merely about aesthetics—it was a declaration of self-love and empowerment. As I carefully curated my wardrobe, investing time and resources into pieces that resonated with my evolving identity, I discovered a renewed sense of confidence and authenticity. The initial hesitations about price tags faded in comparison to the invaluable sense of liberation and self-expression that accompanied this transformation. Through this process, I rediscovered facets of my youth and reignited a zest for life that had been dormant for too long.

  • A Grown Makeup Girlie - Hello Sephora

All my life I was the girl who never bothered about make-up. What does Sephora and all the stripped white-black shopping bags even mean? Who cares? There is nothing you could tell me. I was just content using petroleum jelly and moving on with the business of the day. I guess I had convinced myself that it was a vain thing to spend all that money on make-up and I did not need make-up to be beautiful - well, that is true to an extent even though I did not realize the essence of it all. Make-up is deeper than the vanity, we all see but even that perceived vanity is a good thing.

Well, I am now a full-fledged make-up girlie. I have a box full of so much make-up, that sometimes I cringe at the person I am becoming. I admit that all these times, I didn't get why make-up was such a big deal but when I finally did get the heck make-up was all about; it was a from zero to one million for me. I invested in the best brands- yes, those big-name brands and it was worth every penny. Estee Lauder, Mac, Fenty, Makeup by Mario, Maybelline, Westman Atelier, Urban Decay, Hudda, and more. To say, I love standing in front of the mirror to savor the layering from basic moisturizer to last stay-put spray would be an understatement. I see how much it enhances key features and I love the type of confidence that shines from within. Maybe, I should have joined this bandwagon

  • The Fragrance of Self-Care: Nurturing Body and Soul

In my journey towards self-care, I embarked on a sensory odyssey that encompassed both scent and skincare. Transitioning from a minimalist approach to embracing the art of fragrance, I delved into the intricate world of perfumery, savoring the nuances of each scent note and discovering the olfactory symphonies that resonated with my essence. Complementing this newfound appreciation for fragrance was a deep dive into skincare, where I explored an array of products tailored to nourish and pamper my skin. From toners to serums, each step in my skincare regimen became a ritual of self-love and rejuvenation.

Shedding misconceptions and embracing the transformative power of skincare, I witnessed firsthand the radiant glow that emanated from within, transcending outward beauty to embody holistic well-being. As I reflect on these new era transformative indulgences, I am reminded of the profound impact that self-care and self-love can have on our lives and those around us. Whether through the canvas of fashion, the palette of makeup, or the Eau de whatever category and skincare, each indulgence serves as a reminder of our innate capacity for growth, beauty, and self-discovery. And so, as I think wildly about what the future holds, whether it be exotic vacations or further sartorial adventures, I am filled with gratitude for the journey that has brought me to this moment of self-realization and deep joy.

There is more... I am indulging in so many beautiful things. I will be sharing the itsy-bitsy details with you soon.

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