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The Perfect Bacon 🥓- Family Guinness World Record

One of my children is a foodie like myself. Yes, I like food and I have a child who doesn't play with his food. That child is also blessed with the desire to cook...always be in the kitchen, read to help, and learn. I let my children help in the kitchen because I tell them knowing how to cook your food on your terms is a sustainable life-long skill. Being a foodie and knowing how to cook is a blissful combo.

So this morning, he demanded to eat bacon for breakfast, and as against other days, I would set the bacon on the parchment paper myself ready for the preheated oven because of time (someone is always getting late)....I told him to do everything today. His brother protested but I assured him he would have his day. Today, we will have one chef.

I also have to add that I have successfully infected everyone in my house with my insatiable appetite for bacon. It is the closest thing to ram "suya" from back home in Nigeria. A sizzling fresh ram suya is beautiful music to my taste buds.

Then I left him to finish setting the bacon and stay undistracted by his brother who was determined to "do his own" (how are we having only a chef this morning?). When I got back some minutes later, he set the most perfect bacon ever. The patience and the perfection, I could never because I am most times in a hurry. And I see he was pleased even though his brother refused to "acknowledge" this perfection without grumbling but then I asked him why not wait to enjoy eating the bacon like everyone else in the house. Besides, he was only interested in eating cereal just seconds ago, why the sudden interest in bacon?

Our young Foodie AKA breakfast chef put his perfectly set bacon in the oven and I could see he was excited....(this got to his brother and it had us all laughing).

Well....the bacon turned out well. And I dare say we have a new bacon preparation standard in our family. Our chef was so pleased with his bacon preparation skills and quickly mentioned he had added something to his cooking skills. His brother could not stand such loud affirmation over bacon...(I mean, it's just bacon) but the irony was that he was the first to bring his plate and fork to dive in...which says so much about him not being able to resist perfectly set and deliciously looking bacon.

Now we have a new standard, let's see who else can keep up with this Foodie in setting the bacon. It's officially our family's Guinness World Record. Tomorrow will be his brother's turn and then he has the whole space and freedom to make his bacon. I hope he gets his bragging rights because the drama will not end. Meanwhile, they back together in mischief. Just so you know, the bacon is finished already and the satisfaction my child feels is everything to me as a mother.

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