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Fear is a Terrible Thing!

The Coronavirus siege is more serious than we envisaged. It continues to spread and new strains of mutation are defying scientific boundaries. It is no longer a case of this virus being “just the flu”, it may not be as deadly as the Ebola virus or SARS or the Foot and Mouth Disease scare, yet the fact that non-infected people can spread it is the craziest thing about it and you can even be infected without showing symptoms. It is important to stay indoors if you have no need to be out and if you are sick. Also, people must avoid crowded areas and keep their hygiene to the max.

Earth having a break!

Understandably, people will panic but the level of panic is mind-blowing. People have gone panic buying, an unbelievable shopping frenzy of a magnitude bigger than BlackFriday just to get supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, soaps and other household supplies. People queue for hours just to check out at supermarkets and some people even fight over rolls of tissue paper. Some supermarkets have tried to keep up their supplies with demand, they have even gone as far as rationing it, so everyone can have something.

In all of this, I see human fear, greed, and selfishness. The reality is that we only have ourselves at the end of the day. Many of us only think of ourselves, people barely remember others in need; concerned with saving themselves and just protecting themselves without even realizing that our behavior is encouraging the spread of the virus. What about those who cannot even come to the supermarket to shop? The old and vulnerable with no one close by?

People scramble to protect themselves without realizing that they are worsening the situation. It is like a hen who buries her head in the sand while her backside is up in the air and says…” look, I am hiding”…. “No Honey, you are not hiding, your whole body is still outside”. People clear the shelves of supplies. They can afford it not really because they need all those supplies. Why not think of the next person? Not like extra toilet paper is a major need now!

Lovely Venice having some peace

A classmate shared these photos after he went shopping;

But it is a good thing there has been a couple of good samaritan gestures this period. Humanity surely has some hope!

The spread of the virus has shown us just how we are all in this together. It knows no class, it knows no race. Anyone can be vulnerable. Major sporting events and programs have been canceled and major tourist destinations across Europe are closed to the public. Many economies have been affected, and so many things going wrong at the same time; Your experts did not see this coming and we did not need climate change for the earth to have some breather.

Different countries have taken measures to deal with the virus; The UK was attempting to practice “Herd Immunity” to create room for only the survival of the fittest…..i find that very shockingly funny (i mean how do you allow people to die like that?) the US is faced with insufficient testing kits and having citizens going ballistics but at this rate, systems have become overwhelmed and human beings in their selfish nature have refused to stay in one place; it is another eye-opening lesson on migration. When there is danger somewhere, it is human nature to flee.

So perhaps, before you condemn refugees, remember how you ran from coronavirus in your favorite city (The same way refugees are escaping war, farming, and persecution). The things we believe in can fail us, the systems we think are so perfect while we sit on our high horse to condemn others may not be as strong as we thought. The way it spreads so fast through people crossing borders reveals how small and connected the world is; it reminds us of how fragile this whole world is. One simple epidemic can wipe us all out.

See some more pictures of panic buying at some supermarkets in Uppsala

I am hoping the energy people are using to spread panic, they can use it to double up their hygiene, spend valuable time indoors with family and friends….catch up on lost time and have a rethink about life, what it really means in general. Your panic buying cannot save you. If the next person cannot get access to good hygiene, you are still at risk. There is also the class of people who cannot understand the limitations of freedom that instead of staying indoors, they still out and hang out in clubs and bars, playing down the risk because obviously, no one can tell them what to do; it is their right. What manner of right is that when you deliberately put others at risk?

Chilled Side of Town

No Panic here

I hope all these religious scammers who are brainwashing their followers instead of educating them can at least take a break, instead of misleading their entire lock into a ditch. The depth of such ignorance makes me wonder if I should laugh my ass off or just cry for them….but maybe, mind my business. Like Fear, selfishness, and greed; ignorance is deadly playing out in many African countries, who think they cannot have it because they are black. It is a good thing it is not spreading badly in Africa, we must press on with preventive measures instead of walking around with closed minds. We cannot afford an outbreak.

It is a good thing my side of town is chilled.

Did you notice how much remote work can be done instead of people burning valuable time in transit to the office? or even how many virtual meetings can happen instead of sitting in a room?

As you pick up that extra roll of toilet paper you do not need, remember the next person and get over yourself. Your selfishness will not save you this time. You must remember how you shamelessly fought for ordinary toilet paper when you want to insult immigrants next time.

Fear is a terrible thing!

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